Childbirth trauma

Giving birth, it only takes a few days/hours. Yet it is these hours that have a huge impact. Because from that moment on, your life changes forever. Suddenly, you have the baby you have dreamed and hoped about so much in your arms. How wonderful.But... practice is sometimes more unruly. Many women do not look back on their ...

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Childbirth pain

Parturition pain, the thing most women dread. What does a contraction feel like and can I handle the pain. This is something you wonder especially before a first birth. We always say: as long as you are in doubt whether it is a contraction, it is not a contraction. Often, these are pre contractions that ...

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Birth plan

Tips on writing a birth plan You may have been asked if you have written a birth plan yet. A what? How can you possibly plan a birth, you may wonder. In this blog, I will explain more about what a birth plan is and how such a plan can help you ...

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