Your pregnancy, your choice

At our midwifery practice, your choice is at the centre. Because every pregnancy is different, and every mother is different. Having an eye for that uniqueness: that is our passion. The years of experience in our team help us to support you optimally. Involved, based on your strengths and with a feeling for what is important to you.

Our vision

in three statements

Your choice at the centre

You make the choice, because it is your child. And our role is to make sure you can make the best possible choice. That principle is incorporated into the whole way we work, ensuring that you experience your pregnancy the way you want to.

Committed support

We want to get to know you, because then we can support you in the best possible way. This is why we make the conscious choice to work with a limited number of mothers. This ensures that we can give you more attention.

A broad perspective

Pregnancy is more than just a process in your womb. That is why we have built up expertise to think broadly with you. Think for instance about nutrition, medical or psychological challenges or personal problems.


what, who and how

What can you expect?

Find out what you will encounter in your journey with us.

Our team

Discover the story of the people in our team.

Our story

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